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The Art: Each 'sculptural painting' begins with a 2ft x 2ft piece of plywood that is urbanized with a variety of materials upon which I paint, draw, and write.
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Truth #1 We should all be Truthseekers.
Truth #2 Belonging to both means splitting in two when they go their separate ways and the tear is always there, just below the surface.
Truth #3 Healing involves finding a safe place to spend time with the darkest parts of yourself until you have created a peace that shines from the inside out.
Truth #4 Sometimes a life has to be torn apart to enable a person to begin living it.
Truth #5 Being with old friends feels like being home again even when you are miles away.
Truth #6 Times of despair have the potential to shape us into stronger and wiser human beings.
Truth #7 Holding out for what you know you deserve is worth the wait.
Truth #8 Moving is great, but leaving sucks.
Truth #9 Happiness always starts with you, no matter where you may roam.
Truth #10 Money, power, close-mindedness, and arrogance are a dangerous combination.
Truth #11 Embracing the changing unknown creates the ride of your life.
Truth #12 Dreams can be revealing.
Truth #13 Truly grasping our interconnectedness makes every minute and every action, big or small, consequential.
Truth #14 The light at the end of the tunnel is always there, but sometimes it takes a bit of circling around to get to it.
Truth #15 People who touch your heart and shake your soul make you feel rich even in your most destitute hours.
Truth #16 Being bound to another person in every way possible generates a feeling of sheer freedom when it’s good and true and right.
Truth #17 Beauty is not an unattainable ideal, but rather and everyday occurrence that has many different definitions.
Truth #18 Some possess an energy that cannot be contained - that must burst forth from its source to remind us all to live in the moment.
Truth #19 Feeling safe, warm, loved can help you take risks that make you feel scared, confused, lost, but ultimately found.